The Road Map consists of three Initiatives, which are shown as routes and tell us “how” we will reach our Vision. Each route has three Strategies, which are represented by buses. The Initiatives and Strategies focus on the path and vehicle (the how) for moving EMBARK towards accomplishing our Vision. Finally, six bus stops represent the individual Projects along each route. These Projects are focused on the specific actions we will take along the journey to help us accomplish the Initiatives and propel us toward our Vision.

Employee Focused

Create a great place to work

Together, we will develop a better way to inform employees and provide more feedback opportunities.

Our first project is to create an interactive employee communication system that aids in building an organizational culture of teamwork, boosts employee engagement, and establishes opportunities for dialogue among front-line employees and management.

Together, we will build an inclusive culture that celebrates employee successes, ingrains safety, fosters customer service, goodwill, and innovation.

Our first project is to form diverse and empowered employee teams that will create action plans addressing crucial areas that need improvement based on feedback from our employee surveys. They will create a progress report which shares insights and associated action plans and will measure progress made towards improvement.

Customer Focused

Enhance the status, use, and understanding of our services

Together, we will achieve commitment from all employees to be safe, reliable, and customer-focused.

Our first project is to create an employee creed – a standard for employee conduct that supports EMBARK’s Core Values and requires compliance with the law and ethical behavior.


Together, we will expand community awareness of EMBARK and create a compelling need for our services.

Our first project is to create a brand strategy that expresses EMBARK’s value while increasing the awareness and understanding of our family of services.

Policymaker Focused

Preserve the confidence of the Board, City, and RTA*

Together, we will cultivate and maintain collaborative relationships with community leaders and stakeholders through frequent communication and engagement.

Our first project is to develop and implement a routine schedule of events to engage key influencers so they may experience the quality of EMBARK’s employees and services.

Together, we will uphold strong financial management and planning practices in all we do.

Our first project is to develop a financial management tool to help EMBARK leadership more effectively plan, monitor, and report funding sources for capital projects and will help us communicate this information with policymakers and employees.

*The Regional Transportation Authority of Central Oklahoma (RTA) was formed in 2019, consists of six member cities – Del City, Edmond, Midwest City, Moore, Norman, and Oklahoma City – and is responsible for developing, implementing, and funding regional mobility options for Central Oklahoma. EMBARK provides administrative services and resources for the RTA. The RTA works to advance regional transportation needs in Central Oklahoma. Regional transit is not just commuter rail – it can include expanded and enhanced bus service, modern streetcars, and other modes of transportation. For more information, check out