EMBARK Legends


EMBARK Legends provides an opportunity for supervisors to provide positive feedback, recognize the contributions of their employees, and reinforce EMBARK’s Core Values.

Who is Eligible?

There are five sections meant to provide fair and equal opportunity for all part-time and full-time employees are eligible, excluding Division Managers and members of the Senior Leader and Executive team.

  • Section 1 – OKC Fixed Route & PLUS Operations
  • Section 2 – Norman Fixed Route, PLUS Operations, & Support Staff
  • Section 3 – OKC Fleet & Facility Maintenance
  • Section 4 – Administration, Safety & Security, Training, Project Management, Finance, HR, Customer Service, Marketing & IT, Mobility Management, & Oklahoma River Cruises
  • Section 5  – OKC Supervisors & Norman Supervisors

How It Works

Each quarter a Core Value will be featured. Employees who demonstrate the key characteristics of that Core Value can be nominated by any EMBARK supervisor/manager. The supervisor/manager will fill out the Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form. Bus Operator, Norman Employee, Administration Employee and Maintenance Employee and one Supervisor appointed by the Executive Team, will review the nominations and select 3 nominees from each Section. The 15 nominees will be presented to the Executive Team (the Director and the Assistant Directors) who will select an Employee of the Quarter for each Section, a total of 5 employees. Employee of the Year will be selected from the 20 Employees of the Quarter.

When are EMBARK Legends selected?

Nomination periods are based on fiscal year quarters, beginning July 1.  Each quarter will focus on one Core Value. The table provides a breakdown of the nomination periods and the Core Value that will be recognized. Legend of the Year will be announced at annual August COORDINATES events.

Core Value


Nomination Period


Be Safe

Jan – Mar

Jan 15 – Mar 15

April 15

Be There

Apr – Jun

Apr 15 – Jun 15

June 15

Be Open

July – Sept

July 15  Sept 15

October 15

Be Kind

Oct – Dec

Oct 15 – Dec 15

January 15


The Prizes


  • Limited Edition Core value t-shirt


Employees of the Quarter

  • Recognition Certificate presented at Coordinates Meeting
  • $100
  • One customer service day
  • Lunch with the Executive Leadership Team


Employee of the Year

  • Recognition Wall Plaque presented at Coordinates Meeting
  • $500
  • Two customer service days
  • COTPA Board meeting award presentation

Your choice of:

  1.  A two-hour private river cruise for up to 10 of your guests or
  2.  A one-hour private streetcar tour for up to 10 of your guests.
This is a deliverable of the Employee-focused Initiative, Communication Strategy, and the “Creating a Great Place to Work” Project. 
Project team members include Dan McKeehan, Dennis Fry, Dionda Browder, Fritz Etheridge, Tyler Martin, Edwin Seda, and Amanda Shea.